Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Little Rant, Please Don't Mind Me

I know it's been a few days since I've gotten on and wrote a nugget of info up for you all. Sorry about that, my life has been pretty busy the last few days. I'm forcing myself to get something out today, then back to work, so I can take the time to write up something good for you tomorrow.

Today, it's a rant. I've had a few thoughts brewing in my head that just drives me insane about people. I'll share them with you, and I'll hope your not anyone I'm talking about here!

Annoying Thing #1 - People that say their fat, complain about it and all that, but do nothing about it. Do you really think the weight is going to fall off you just because you want it too. No, it takes just a wee bit of effort. Not a ton, I promise. I'm a pretty lazy person at times and even I can do this! I think what's worse than being the fat person complaining about it is the fat person complaining about it then shooting daggers at you when you tell them you've lost so many pounds. I usually don't tell people how much I've lost unless they ask. Unless it's my close family, then I like to tell them because I'm proud of myself. I can almost feel the steam coming off a member of my family when I tell this person about my progress. All I want is for that person just to be happy for me, and if they'd like to lose weight too, let me help them! /rant

Annoying Thing #2 - People that are "trying" to lose weight without the education they need for it, go to a buffet, order a water, but then load up their plate with the fattiest foods. Really now, you think not ordering a soda or even ordering a diet soda is going to counter act all that food on your plate. If it makes you feel better about eating so much, then you need to not complain about being fat. Your doing it to yourself!

Annoying Thing #3 - There is no miracle cure for weight loss. Diet pills, exercise drugs, surgeries, and everything that falls in that category is CHEATING! Weight loss is not easy, nor should it be. You did the effort of eating the way you did to put the weight on, you do the effort to get it off! I understand, you may be big, but I've seen women 300-400 lbs go on the website SparkPeople and lose weight just with their effort and not take the easy way out. That is an accomplishment. And when your done with said miracle cure (unless it's permanent), your eating habits don't change, then your surprised why it all comes back on tenfold. Part of the key to weight loss is changing your habits a bit. You don't have to make a radical change, but to make progress you do need to make a few!

Ok, that feels better! I think I'm done! Speaking of buffets, tomorrow I'll help you tackle a trip to the buffet or any in general eating out situation where you can't totally plan your meal!

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