Monday, August 15, 2011

Added Inspiration!

HA!  You thought I was done already, didn't you?!?!  I fooled you, was just on vacation and amazingly lost 3 lbs while on it!  HURRAY!!  Of course, a lot of stair climbing was involved, so I'm sure that helped a bunch!  But regardless, that is 5 lbs down now!  I plan to definitely keep this ball rolling, just haven't decided what exercise I'm going to go with today... maybe all of them! lol  I've also been thinking about looking into a membership at the local rec center.  They offer child care while I workout and right now, that's sounding like a pretty good idea!

As for inspiration, I know I have many things around me to inspire me, my family, more energy, feeling better about the reflection in the mirror, but I got some added inspiration recently.  Everyone likes to have an extra boost now and again and I think this opportunity will do the trick for me.  An anonymous donor has offered money for each pound lost within a years time.  Of course to go towards a new wardrobe, because hopefully by that point I'll be needing one! lol  A little more inspiration for me is a picture taken of me almost 2 years ago.. down to the lowest I've been in hmmmm... well... A REALLY long time! lol  I was on my oldest daughter's field trip with her, and I just love this picture of us. Not only because its of us, but I also feel I look pretty good in this picture.  Granted, I am not stick thin or anything like that, but it's much better than where I am now.  Now to remind myself to check this post when I'm feeling a little glum!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting the Hang of It!

So, I woke up this morning, wanting to dance!  I know, how weird, but great for the motivating factor!  Got all the kids breakfast and decided I'd try to tackle refining my steps while I didn't have little feet under me! lol  I had to take a few seconds in each song to get reacquainted with the steps, but picked it all back up very fast.  I found a different video for Crank That where the guy explains out the steps a little better and in higher volume!  It's actually pretty easy steps, but it's a matter of putting them all together to the faster music.

Had a weigh in this morning.  Not very pleased with the results.  Up 5 lbs from the last time I stepped on the scale... however long ago that was.  I don't know that I want to put my weight here for everyone, but I will say that it's almost as high as my highest point.  And no, that's not bragging.. that's shame.  I've almost gained 40 lbs back from my lowest point (after kids).  I really did want/need a break from being so weight loss, weight loss, weight loss, but I went a tad over board.  Didn't reign in when I probably should have, and overall just enjoyed all the spices of life! lol  To get back on board, I'm taking this one step at a time.  For now, I'll continue my experiment and see if that garners enough weight loss to keep me satisfied.  At least so that I feel better and look better in my clothes!

Dance it OFF! Experiment
Day 2 (8/5/11)

The Experiment:
Learn the dance moves to 7 particular dance songs.  Dancing the songs in a certain, consistent order over time to produce weight loss results. Songs all involve moves to get the cardio working, as well as working various muscles in the body.  The song order is as follows:
  1. Electric Boogie -- Marcia Griffiths
  2. Cha Cha Slide -- DJ Casper
  3. Cupid Shuffle -- Cupid
  4. Cotton Eye Joe -- Rednecks
  5. Crank That -- Soulja Boy
  6. Macarena -- Los Del Rio
  7. Thriller -- Michael Jackson
The links with the song show either the original video with the dance moves or a dance instruction video.  Trying to make it easy for you to find some sources if you want to play along with me!

The Results:
Got through the Electric Boogie no prob.  About half way through the song, I started mixing in rolls and tummy flexing moves to try and get a little more work out there.  
Got funky all the way through the Cha Cha slide.  Again I didn't have any children around me when I did this dance, so I was able to work myself more.  Worked up a good sweat, but then had to take a break after the song for children related duties! lol
Can I just say, I was proud to find when I started Cupid Shuffle, I actually ended up with the right moves at the chorus!  Go me!  I grooved to this one, really working up a sweat. I think that was because the children thought it was more entertaining to watch mom do this and not try it themselves!  Luckily it didn't catch their attention for long, so they were on to something else. Took a small break after this, since I know how Cotton Eye Joe can be.
I remembered the steps to this dance, except for the chicken part, so had to reference the video when something felt out of place.  Did all of Cotton Eye Joe, really feeling the burn and sweat after that!  Sometimes, it feels longer than a 4 minute song. lol  Definitely took a break after this song and looked up new tutorials for Crank That.
The new video for Crank That really helped to break down the steps for me.  It's actually pretty easy step wise, just gets more difficult when you put it to the faster beat of the song. Abby, Emma, and Jake wanted to try this one again, so we stepped it out a few times before adding music.  The first 2 times I nailed it!  I was like "Yeah!"   Kind of flubbed up the beginning and in my rush to catch up to the song, I Supermanned my foot right into Catey's belly.  Luckily I didn't get her hard at all, but she was like "HEY!" lol  So after we giggled that off for a minute, we started the music back up and tried again.  The kids kept with me, doing what they could to keep up, and we made it about 2:30 through the song, before mommy was really work out.  I think the Crank That part is what kills the most. lol  Had to sit for a break after this one.  I'm telling you, if you want a work out, try Crank That! lol
The girls were ready for another song to dance to and I needed some kind of cool down, so I taught them the Macarena.  They loved this one because it's so easy!!  The big 3 (kids) and I did the whole Macarena without a hitch!  Then it was time for mommy to relax.  We all were sweating doing the dances, plus the kids were pretty wore out too!  I would call that a good success.  It took half the morning for them to decide they wanted to get back up and play! lol  My face was still red an hour later.. meaning I worked out good too!  Guess we'll find out in a week if it's paying off!

I'm happy to report that I do have someone playing along with me!  She did some Electric Sliding to Shania Twain, while holding a preschooler!  Now I could see where that would be a workout!  I might have to do the Electric Slide while holding Catey tomorrow, just to give it a shot!  I think that would definitely add an arm boost to the dance!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dance It OFF!

If you noticed, I haven't done a weight loss post in over a year.  I do have a very good reason for that, I wasn't losing weight.  No, not a single pound shed, but several gained as I enjoyed a little time "off of weight loss."  Here lately, it's become very apparent to me, that I need to get back on some kind of routine workout or something.  I think the sudden rash of pictures of me lately really made me see the ballooning effect (as if I didn't know it was already there).  I'll share this with you, just because I think this is the best way to help keep me motivated. Showing off how chunky I am will make me want to work back into some of my cuter outfits!

This is me, with my youngest at The Magic House.  I'm not even going to comment on my looks other than "Bleh."

After having hubby get my treadmill all moved around at our new house, I still haven't been able to bring myself on to it.  I don't know why, but I just keep avoiding it like the plague. lol  I needed some other kind of motivating work out routine.  Something different from the former things I had grown "used" to and "bored" with before.  The fresh idea came from listening to music with my 2 big girls.  They have recently grown fond of the "dance" songs, like Casper Slide and the Cupid Shuffle.  I did one of these dances with the girls this afternoon and afterwards realized I was sweating way too much for one song.  Then I realized, I was sweating way too much for one song!!!  That would be a great work out, it works legs for sure, some arms, some tummy, cardio, etc.  And, I think it's fun.

After doing a little research on the net, I found 7 fun songs to dance to!  So below is a my experiment pattern I plan to try and follow to display my results with the workouts!

Dance it OFF! Experiment
Day 1 (8/4/11)

The Experiment:
Learn the dance moves to 7 particular dance songs.  Dancing the songs in a certain, consistent order over time to produce weight loss results. Songs all involve moves to get the cardio working, as well as working various muscles in the body.  The song order is as follows:
  1. Electric Boogie -- Marcia Griffiths
  2. Cha Cha Slide -- DJ Casper
  3. Cupid Shuffle -- Cupid
  4. Cotton Eye Joe -- Rednecks
  5. Crank That -- Soulja Boy
  6. Macarena -- Los Del Rio
  7. Thriller -- Michael Jackson
The links with the song show either the original video with the dance moves or a dance instruction video.  Trying to make it easy for you to find some sources if you want to play along with me!

The Results:
I'm happy to say you could probably call the first go around a success.  I wasn't expecting dance hall fame and didn't get it! lol  It was more a learning of the steps.  Jake, Emma, and Catey all enthusiastically joined me to start out.  
The Electric Slide was something I learned in 7th grade, so as I started watching the video, it all started coming back to me.  Shortly afterwards, I was walking the kids through the steps and the counting, 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.., etc.  They really seemed to like the Electric Slide because its pretty simple.  I like it because I feel it's a very good warm up song/exercise, for the rest to come.  After finishing this song, I was pumped for the next!
Cha Cha Slide is a fairly popular tune that everyone and their mother can dance to.  They give you the dance moves in the song, so basically it's a dance in place until he tells you to go Left, and Back and Hop, and Stomp.  Pretty simple, no explanation needed for this song, the kids got right into doing it.  I danced my booty off to this song, while trying to teach the kids that you move in a square. lol 
On to the Cupid Shuffle.  This is another song where he give the instructions in the song, but unfortunately these don't come until the chorus... the line dancing starts when the music starts.  For reference it's "To the right, to the right, to the right, to the right, to the left, to the left, to the left, to the left. Now kick, now kick, now kick, now kick, Now walk it by yourself"  Basically start those dance moves when the music starts and the walk is when you turn in place to the next direction.  By this point, Catey had long lost interest, Jacob was wore out, and Emma enjoyed the "Kick" part.  By the time I finished this song, I was feeling really winded.  We all "Took 5" and had a drink to regroup.
Cotton Eye Joe was a little more involved.  Emma declared it was too hard for her, but I was determined to get as far through my list as I possible could.  I watched the video and got going along with the frat boys before turning it on.  This was one dance I didn't even remotely kind of learn until a few years ago, so it's not mastered at all.  I played the song to fruition, with a lot of mistakes, but got an amazing work out by the end.  I had to take another break at this point (told you I'm out of shape).
Next was a new dance for me. Jake came back to join in trying Crank That by Soulja Boy.  I had heard the song out, saw people doing the dance, but never really realized it was a "line dance" until I looked up line dancing earlier.  Soulja was nice enough to provide a very low volume video showing his moves to the dance. This is another good cardio.  After Jake and I hopped around for a few minutes practicing, we got to the song.  We made it 1:33 into the song before I called it quits.  I was exhausted.  Again, bad shape on my half, but also, have you tried this dance?!?!  Yeah, I called it a night at this point.  I had to sit. lol  And when I stood up, my legs were Jell-O.  I'd say it worked!

Unfortunately I didn't get to a kind of cool down with Macarena and I definitely didn't get to Thriller.  Thriller is kind of like my reward song.  It's the fun one we all want to learn how to do, so I'll work my way to it.  The goal is to get through the whole play list to get a good work, even better would be to actually look good doing the dance moves! lol 

I plan to not only update this with the dance experiment, but also other weight loss things.  I need to stay motivated.  It's time to finally start losing some of this... finally at the end of  And please, let me know if you want to play along with us!  I'd love to hear the progress and results of others!!