Monday, August 15, 2011

Added Inspiration!

HA!  You thought I was done already, didn't you?!?!  I fooled you, was just on vacation and amazingly lost 3 lbs while on it!  HURRAY!!  Of course, a lot of stair climbing was involved, so I'm sure that helped a bunch!  But regardless, that is 5 lbs down now!  I plan to definitely keep this ball rolling, just haven't decided what exercise I'm going to go with today... maybe all of them! lol  I've also been thinking about looking into a membership at the local rec center.  They offer child care while I workout and right now, that's sounding like a pretty good idea!

As for inspiration, I know I have many things around me to inspire me, my family, more energy, feeling better about the reflection in the mirror, but I got some added inspiration recently.  Everyone likes to have an extra boost now and again and I think this opportunity will do the trick for me.  An anonymous donor has offered money for each pound lost within a years time.  Of course to go towards a new wardrobe, because hopefully by that point I'll be needing one! lol  A little more inspiration for me is a picture taken of me almost 2 years ago.. down to the lowest I've been in hmmmm... well... A REALLY long time! lol  I was on my oldest daughter's field trip with her, and I just love this picture of us. Not only because its of us, but I also feel I look pretty good in this picture.  Granted, I am not stick thin or anything like that, but it's much better than where I am now.  Now to remind myself to check this post when I'm feeling a little glum!

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